God on the Fringes, Revisited

I’m worn down physically today, and I’ve got plenty of company. Our ministry just had its big annual weekend conference, called Dominion Camp Meeting, and its success requires a significant sacrifice on the part of relatively few people. It’s worth it, but it’s exhausting (this is where, if you’ve been at the ministry longer than […]

Overwhelmed and Grateful

Here’s the best way for me to measure the past 10 days: my father had a heart attack, and that’s not what’s keeping me up at night. A week ago Monday, a friend of our family called. Dad had experienced chest pains, he said, and was in the local hospital. The friend and his wife […]

Whose Church Is It Anyway?

I haven’t been a United Methodist in more than 14 years. But I still attend the small-town church I grew up in when I visit my parents, and I drop a check in the offering plate when I do. My heart’s stake in the United Methodist Church (UMC) is much more significant. It was not […]

Everyone Behaving Badly

It’s been a week since video of a group of Catholic high-school students being confronted by a Native American activist blew up cable television and social media. Unless you’ve followed it closely, that is; if you’re a student of politics or media or both, it likely feels like it’s been six months or so. And […]