The Only Way Out is Jesus

Two prominent Americans made headlines this week by committing suicide. I hadn’t previously heard of Kate Spade and what I knew about Anthony Bourdain didn’t impress me. ¬† But their work or their image or both struck a chord in lots of people in my social networks. They mattered to a lot of people I […]

America’s Evangelical Leaders: Donald Trump’s Cheap Dates?

The American Church has a Donald Trump problem. More specifically, it has a too-many-Christian-leaders-are-Donald-Trump-groupies problem. And they’re hurting the credibility of the Church’s witness, perhaps irretrievably. Put more broadly, too many evangelical leaders have fallen in love with political power, at the expense of their calling as believers – to advance and advocate for the […]

An Unexpected Healing

I am a Pentecostal Christian. That means I believe that God is the Author of all healing, supernatural and otherwise. Healing is part of His promise to His people. That’s what I believe, you bet I do. Now, do I expect it to happen to me and my loved ones? That’s been another question, until […]

A Fiery Light, Now Dimming

This isn’t the way I wanted my mother’s unrelenting criticism to stop. I’ve written before about the difficult relationship between my mother and me. There is no Mark Youngkin Fan Club of which I’m aware – and to be sure, there are some things you’re better off not knowing – but I’m certain she would […]

We’re Not Built to Serve

This past Christmas Eve, our pastor didn’t preach about Jesus the baby. He preached instead about Jesus the man, and our failure to understand Him. “We say the strangest things as Christians,” he said in part. “We say, ‘I just want to serve Him.’ Well, how do you serve Him?…What can you bring Him that […]

My Favorite 10 Books of 2017

This year I joined to further keep track of the books I read during 2017. I read to develop as a Christian and as a college professor, which limits the genres I explore. I did make a conscious effort this year to choose newer books than I had in previous years.¬†Here, in alphabetical order, […]

Resolve to Forgive

Jason Romano is one of the great people I’ve met online. He came to my attention when someone I followed on Twitter retweeted one of Jason’s tweets, which was a Bible verse. It turns out he had the discipline of tweeting a verse early each morning, and he’s continued to do that. Jason fulfilled a […]