God on the Fringes

Today is a recovery day for my colleagues and me. We have just completed our largest event of the year, a weekend conference called Dominion Camp Meeting. It features some of the greatest preachers and musicians in the Pentecostal tradition. There were seven worship services in three days. They were incredible. Everyone says so. I […]


Earlier this year I read and reviewed an excellent book by Dennis Rainey, “The Forgotten Commandment.” It is a call for Christian men and women to honor their parents, regardless of any past difficulties. And, as I noted in my review, there have been plenty of past difficulties, especially concerning my relationship with my mother. […]

We Protect What We Value

I spent a lot of time last week getting very frustrated with the ignorance of people online who either didn’t understand or chose not to understand why a politician does something that,  in every respect, is admirable. What I’ve come to realize is that I’m blessed in ways these people are not, and that people […]

Me, on the Enemy’s Weapons

One of the great virtual relationships I have formed since I became active on social media has been with Jason Romano. Jason spent many years at ESPN in a variety of production roles before striking out on his own earlier this year. One of his current roles is with Sports Spectrum, whose website features the […]

On Love and Loss

This has been a challenging week at our college. One of our students, a quick-witted 19-year-old woman with a luminous smile, was found unresponsive in her dorm room Tuesday afternoon. Staff, EMTs and doctors at a nearby hospital could not revive her. There hasn’t been the first hint of foul play. Our pastor and college […]