Hold Them Up, Any Way You Can

Marie’s voice mail message wasn’t an invitation, exactly. But once I heard it, I knew I’d be attending her husband’s funeral the following Saturday. I don’t like giving up my Saturdays, but that didn’t matter. Marie couldn’t have foreseen what God wanted to tell me there. Roland had spent several years as the staff chaperone […]

Stupid Church Tricks

Sometimes I think Jesus must look from heaven upon the Church that He will be coming for someday, and respond this way: There could be (and probably is) a website dedicated to situations involving church leaders behaving badly. And this past week there were two especially egregious examples of the genre. First, there was the […]

God on the Fringes, Revisited

I’m worn down physically today, and I’ve got plenty of company. Our ministry just had its big annual weekend conference, called Dominion Camp Meeting, and its success requires a significant sacrifice on the part of relatively few people. It’s worth it, but it’s exhausting (this is where, if you’ve been at the ministry longer than […]

Overwhelmed and Grateful

Here’s the best way for me to measure the past 10 days: my father had a heart attack, and that’s not what’s keeping me up at night. A week ago Monday, a friend of our family called. Dad had experienced chest pains, he said, and was in the local hospital. The friend and his wife […]